Jade Empire

Jade Empire 1.01

In Jade Empire the gamer assumes the role of an aspiring martial arts master
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Jade Empire 1.0 is an action role playing game where the gamer assumes the role of an aspiring martial arts master who can follow the path of the Open Palm or Closed Fist.
The game has customizable controls which also feature support for game-pads as well as keyboard and mouse. It has an increased resolution support along with various new visual effects. The game features new fighting styles with an increased challenge featuring new monsters and enemies. It has an improved combat AI interface with various difficulty levels. The new world maps interface also acts as an add-on for the game.

The game allows the user to experience an incredible and engaging story line. The user could choose to become a hero or a villain depending on the multiple storyline. There are many characters with which the gamer can interact with. It has plethora of beautiful lands to discover and explore. These can be conquered by force as well. It features a combination of real-time combat as well as role play for the gamer to experience. The multi storyline allows the user to choose their fate. The game offers excellent drama to the gamers.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Great story line and graphics


  • Does not have much of a replay value
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